Comp Sci & IT, School of Science, RMIT University GPO BOX 2476 Melbourne VIC 3001 Australia

Flora Salim is a Senior Lecturer at the Computer Science and IT, School of Science, RMIT University. Her research interests are human mobility and behaviour analytics, context and activity recognition, and urban intelligence. She was awarded the Australian Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship Industry in 2012-2015 and the RMIT Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Research Excellence – Early Career Researcher 2016. Dr. Salim has been awarded nationally competitive grants and numerous industry contracts, with the total amount awarded of over than $1.5M in the last 5 years. Her research in spatio-temporal data analytics, context recognition and behaviour recognition and prediction from sensor data has been evaluated across multiple projects, such as indoor monitoring and analytics in university and retail environments, driving behaviour recognition, road risk analysis, crime analytics, and passenger movement analysis in airports. She leads the Context Recognition, Urban Sensing and Intelligence (CRUISE) research group. Dr. Salim is a TPC Vice-Chair of IEEE PerCom 2018 (CORE A*).