CRUISE (Context Recognition, Urban Sensing and Intelligence) research group, led by Dr. Salim, meets weekly to discuss research ideas and papers in A*/A journal and conferences in ubiquitous computing, data mining, spatio-temporal and time-series data analysis, knowledge discovery, machine learning,

What’s new

News Flora is co-leading the new Microsoft RMIT Cortana Intelligence Institute. Flora is a TPC Co-Chair of PerCom 2018 (A* ranked).  PerCom 2018 Call for Papers. Flora is one of the Investigators of the iMove CRC, a new 55-million dollar Cooperative Research

Vacancy & scholarship(s)

Up to Four PhD scholarships, Visiting Research Fellow / Student, and a Postdoc position are available! Research Postdoc in Microsoft-RMIT Cortana Intelligence Institute A postdoc position available in the new Microsoft RMIT Cortana Intelligence Institute. If you have strong track record in

Members and Affiliates

Current PhD Students:
  • Amin Sadri – Mining human mobility patterns
  • Wei Shao – Spatio temporal clustering and prediction for urban intelligence
  • Irvan Bastian Arief – Indoor occupancy prediction with ambient sensors
  • Mohammad Saiedur Rahaman – Context-aware analysis and modelling of trips
  • Jonathan Liono – Multi-context multi-activity recognition from sensor streams
  • Hui Song – Evolutionary learning for electricity consumption prediction
  • Shakila Khan Rumi – Analysis and prediction of crime and urban dynamics

Faculty Members:
Past Members:
  • Dr. Thuong Nguyen (postdoc), now Research Fellow at CSIRO.
  • Manpreet Kaur (Masters of Computer Science, Minor Thesis), now at Tableau Software, US.
  • Erica Rosalina (CS Honours student), now Software Engineer at Trunk Platform.
  • Dr. Yi Mei (Research Fellow), now Lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington.
  • Dr. Chin Koi Khoo (postdoc), now Lecturer at Deakin University

Visitors hosted by CRUISE

Featured Projects

Featured projects: (1) Integrated Smart Airport Services, an ARC Linkage partnered with ARUP. (2) Spatio-temporal Data Analytics for Situation Awareness in Airport Operations, an industry research funded by Northrop Grumman Corporation US & Australia. (3) iCommunity: Indoor Smart Campus Monitoring, funded by RMIT Siemens Sustainable Urban Precinct Project