CRUISE (Context Recognition, Urban Sensing and Intelligence) research group, led by Dr. Salim, works on advancing the state-of-the-art fundamental and applied research in human mobility, activity, and behaviour modelling and optimisation with time-series and spatio-temporal data. Members include current PhD students and their co-supervisors, and postdocs. We share our codes and some sample datasets in our CRUISE GitHub repository.

Current PhD Students:

  • Nan Gao — Engagement Behaviour Modelling with Physical Movement and Physiological Data
  • Kai Qin — Spatio-temporal Graph Alignment and Optimisation
  • Ali Hamdi Ali — Situation Tracking with Drones
  • Shohreh Deldari — Efficient Temporal Segmentation of Multivariate Time-Series
  • Arian Prabowo — Spatio-Temporal Deep Learning of Trajectories
  • Phillip Luong — Urban Situation Awareness for Event and Emergency Response
  • Sichen Zhao — Generative and Explainable Spatio-Temporal Deep Learners
  • Yonchanok Khaokaew — Scalable and Transferable Occupant Behaviour Models


  • Dr. Wei Shao (Former PhD student — Learning spatiotemporal patterns for monitoring smart cities and infrastructure
  • Dr. Mohammad Saiedur Rahaman (Former PhD student — Context-aware analysis and modelling of trips)
  • Dr. Hui Song (Former PhD student — Evolutionary learning for electricity consumption prediction)

Faculty Members:

Former Students and Postdocs:

  • Dr. Amin Sadri (Former PhD student –- Mining human mobility patterns), now Senior Data Scientist at ANZ, Australia
  • Dr. Irvan Bastian Arief (Former PhD student –- Building Utilisation Analytics: Human Occupancy Counting and Thermal Comfort Prediction with Ambient Sensing), now Head of Research Scientist at Tokopedia, Indonesia
  • Dr. Jonathan Liono (Former PhD student –- Multi-context multi-activity recognition from sensor streams), now Senior Data Scientist, AIDA, Singapore
  • Shakila Khan Rumi (Former PhD student –- Analysis and prediction of crime and urban dynamics), now Research Intern at Royal Australian Airforce, Canberra.
  • Xianjing Wang (Former PhD student — Spatio-temporal POI recommendation), now Senior Analyst, ANZ.
  • Dr. Thuong Nguyen (Former postdoc), now Research Fellow at CSIRO.
  • Manpreet Kaur (Former Masters of Computer Science, Minor Thesis), now at Tableau Software, USA.
  • Erica Rosalina (Former CS Honours student), now Software Engineer at Trunk Platform.
  • Dr. Yi Mei (Former Research Fellow), now Senior Lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington.
  • Dr. Chin Koi Khoo (Former postdoc), now Lecturer at Deakin University