Flora is co-leading the new Microsoft RMIT Cortana Intelligence Institute.

Flora is a TPC Co-Chair of PerCom 2018 (A* ranked).  PerCom 2018 Call for Papers.

Flora is one of the Investigators of the iMove CRC, a new 55-million dollar Cooperative Research Centre for investigating and delivering innovative research and solutions in connected vehicles and smarter and personalised mobility.

New Publications

Sadri, A., Ren, Y., Salim, F. D., Zameni, M., Chan, J., Sellis, T., (2017), “Shrink: Distance Preserving Graph Compression”, Information Systems, vol. 69, September 2017, Elsevier, pp. 180–193.

Sadri, A., Ren. Y., Salim, F.D., (2017), ‘Information gain-based metric for recognizing transitions in human activities’, in Pervasive and Mobile Computing, vol. 38, part 1, July 2017, Elsevier, pp. 92–109.

Rahaman, M. S., Mei, Y., Hamilton, M., Salim, F. D. 2017, ‘CAPRA: A contour-based accessible path routing algorithm’, in Information Sciences, Elsevier, Volumes 385–386, April 2017, Pages 157–173.